Financing, Leasing and Layaway Options: Making Payments Affordable

At Elite Fine Jewelers, we believe that everyone should enjoy the jewelry they love. We offer various affordable options, including financing, no credit check leasing, and layaway. With competitive pricing and exceptional customer service, you'll always leave our store satisfied with your new jewelry.

Option 1. Financing: Take It Home Today with No Money DownSynchrony Credit Card Financing Jewelry

Take home your favorite jewelry today with no initial payment. With the Synchrony Luxury Credit Card, you can make the special jewelry purchases you want today and pay over time. You can apply quickly in our showroom.  

  • Benefits to Financing:
    • No money down
    • Interest-free financing for up to 24 months
    • Take your jewelry home today!
    • Affordable Monthly Payments 


Option 2. Leasing: Take It Home Today with Only $70 Down   

This is a perfect option when you want to take home the jewelry today!  This is a great way to do a lease to own option for your jewelry without doing a credit check.  Apply online now Acima 

  • Benefits To Leasing:
    • Only $70 down 
    • No credit check 
    • Take your jewelry home today!  
    • 90 day payment option or early buy-out after 90 days

Option 3. Layaway: Lock In The Low Price

This is a great option for making monthly payments without any credit checks and without any interest. Don't worry about the one-of-a-kind piece being sold before you have the funds available. The piece is yours, and we'll just hold onto it until the final payment is made. Simply select any piece of jewelry and lock in the low price. If prices increase, your low price will always stay the same, and you will never pay more! The layaway takes your piece of jewelry out of our showroom, so nobody else can purchase it.

  • Benefits to Layaway: 
    • No credit checks and no additional fees
    • We can work with you to determine a layaway plan that fits your budget and needs (typically 25% down and 4 months to make payments)
    • Payments can be made through our secure and simple phone app