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Individualism Over Trends

The millennial generation, born between 1981 and 1996 has shaken up just about every industry as they mature, build their own families, enter their 40’s (gasp) and certainly create their own norms. Within the jewelry industry, one thing we know for sure is that individualism is the key to a happy customer.  

Custom made and personalized jewelry demand is at an all-time high among millennials, who place the highest importance on individualism over traditionalism when it comes to fashion and jewelry. With fewer dreams of purchasing a home and greater disposable income, here are a few of the ways millennials are influencing more than just avocado toast and Pilates:


Stunning simplicity: Simple, individualized pieces that can be worn with anything. From initial necklaces to personalized pieces made from scratch and our highly sought after “MAMA” bracelets and necklaces, the option to personalize drives individual value.


Bellbottom jeans, claw clips, vintage jewelry- all making a comeback. Vintage is in! Millennials are especially eager to repurpose family heirlooms to add their own flare while keeping sentimental value.

Influencer Shopping

Millennials are the first age group to have grown up with online shopping and prefer influencer ads over traditional advertising. Millennials are also more inclined to compare prices and purchase based off both looks and quality. Gone are the days that most expensive meant best option. (Did you know Elite Fine Jewelers offers the highest quality, GIA certified loose diamonds and precious gems at wholesale prices? Shop inventory here.)


Think Apple Watch and yoga pants. Millennials are on the go, oftentimes busy parents who want that “effortlessly put together” look. This is why we’ve seen such a spike in permanent jewelry, watches and rings that combine style with functionality.

Shopping Local

Sustainability is the name of the game. Especially post-COVID, millennials take pride in being able to support their neighbor’s small businesses over big box stores. Elite Fine Jewelers is proud to be a local jeweler that is family owned and operated in Tempe!