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How to Test Gold

As one of the leading gold buyers in the Valley, how do we test theĀ gold that customers bring in to ensure it is real gold? Further, how do we test the quality of the gold?

Here are a few of the ways in which we put the pieces to the test.

1- Color Test šŸ’›: The more yellow, the higher the quality of the gold. Deep yellow gold color usually indicates a higher carat gold and pale gold indicates a lower carat.
2- Magnet Test šŸ§²: Gold is not magnetic. If the piece is attracted to the magnet right away, it's probably fake.Ā 
3- Acid Test šŸ§¬: This test helps us determine the quality of the gold. When scratched against a stone, the mark will disappear if the acid dropper of a higher carat level is applied to the mark. If the mark remains, it is at least equal to the carat of the testing acid in the dropper (For example- the mark from a 22K piece of gold will remain when tested against 10K, 14K 18K and 22K acid droppers, but will disappear when the 24K testing acid is applied.)
4- KEE Gold Tester šŸ”‘: This handy tool uses an electric meter and probing pen toĀ determine the purity of gold quickly and easily without the use of chemicals.

For a visual demonstration, check out our recent Instagram Reel putting a few pieces to the test to determine if it's #realvsfakeĀ