Do's and Don'ts of Jewelry Maintenance - Elite Fine Jewelers

Do's and Don'ts of Jewelry Maintenance

A piece from Elite Fine Jewelers is a wardrobe staple and an investment that, if properly cared for, will remain valuable and sentimental for generations to come. So, what are some best practices to keep your diamonds dazzling and your gold glorious?


- Use warm water and mild dish soap to clean fine jewelry--rubbing alcohol works well for diamonds too!

- Avoid scratches and tangles by storing jewelry properly

- Evaluate and insure major purchases like engagement rings

- Use a clean cloth every time you polish your jewelry 

- Ensure highest quality diamond for the best price by working with a GIA certified professional. (Psst- we have multiple GIA certified gemologists on staff at EFJ who will be with you every step of the way!) 


- Wear fine jewelry at the gym, in the pool or at the spa

- Expose your fine jewelry to household cleaning products or harsh chemicals

- Assume all gemstones can be cleaned utilizing the same methods

- Wear rubber gloves when handling your fine jewelry. Latex gloves can contain sulfur which can cause tarnishing 

- Wait for a special occasion to wear your favorite pieces. Revel in luxury any day, at any price point with a gorgeous piece from Elite Fine Jewelers!