Andres Von Zadora-Gerlof Crystal Falcon

Andres Von Zadora-Gerlof Crystal Falcon

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Andreas Von Zadora Gyrfalcon Sculpture
The Gyrfalcon was hand sculpted by Andreas Von Zadora by a near flawless specimen of rock crystal sourced from Madagascar.
The eyes are Garnet cabachons.
The claws, beak, and legs are 18kt white gold and was created in NY by goldsmith Professor Gennady Osmerkin.
The stake is lapis lazuli from Afghanistan.
The bell/chain is 18kt yellow gold.
The stake is sitting upon Pyrite.
The base the falcon is sitting on is sterling silver.


Entire sculpture: 34.25″ long
The base of the entire sculpture: 14″ wide
The falcon itself: 16.75″ long
The base the falcon stands: 5″ wide


About The Artist:

Andres von Zadora-Gerlof is recognized as a world renowned gem stone artist having created sculptures for the most prestigious individuals in the world. Over the years Zadora-Gerlof has created exceptional pieces using only the highest quality metals and gemstones.